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Chad Valley Miniature Golf 1960s


Mini Golf

Made in Czechoslovakia (1980s) Chemoplast Brno



French Circa 1950s 530mm x 55mm x 370mm



Putt'n Score Hilco Corporation, 2001. Cost £3.50.
Item donated by Gareth Holmes


Golf Ace
Card Game Bear Bear & Bear, 1992.
Cost £1.
Item donated by
Alan Norman

Marx Toys Crazy Golf Bagatelle
Very unusual bagatelle from Marx Toys GB. Late 60s or early 70s, measures 36cm (14”) across.
The obstacles come in different colours.


Faller HO 384 1:87 Minigolf course, figures and kiosk  
Carpet Golf "for exciting tournaments in your own home".

"professional golf in your own home for young and old. exciting. skilful. absorbing"

Turner Research Ltd., Leeds, England Date: ???? Probably late 70's. 
Miniature putting game. 9-hole putting course, 2 right handed putters and golf ball. 4 ½" x 3" x 1/8". With raised tees. Brass and green painted finish. 
Signed Polly Ann with a spinning wheel in reverse (mirror) image at bottom left hand corner.
Midget Golf Puzzle

D.R.G.M. Made in Bavaria

Another Midget Golf Puzzle

D.R.G.M. Made in Bavaria



Waddingtons Crazy Golf Machine, 1995.  The mini golf game with the whacky contraption. (In US Goofy Golf machine 1994 Parker Bros.)  
See here and here for some real action!


Parlor Golf, La Crosse, Wisconsin




"Putt-In-Play", Gibbs Toys,  Canton, Ohio.  The Parlor Golf Game.

Nine old wooden holes, probably hand-made.

Set includes two wooden shafted 5 1/2" putters with metal ends, 6 (?) steel golf balls, blank score cards with rules, and a golf bag


Old wooden obstacles, probably hand-made, featuring a ramp, hoop, bridge, seesaw and moving gate.


The Amersham "Minigolf"

Indoor or Lawn Edition.  Made in England.

Hazard No. in correct order of play

  1. Home Sweet Home 2. Between 2 Stools 3.Up And Over
Box cover 4. Switchback 5. London Bridge 6. Wobbly way
  7.Channel Tunnel 8. Over the ditch 9. Marble arch
  The Finish Hole Leyland 4 & Lynx balls. Not sure if either came with this set. Inside box lid







FORE The Golf Game

Topvogue Ltd.

A Round with Malice, the armchair golf game with no holds barred!

Paul Lomond Games 1993

Club Golf by Gibson games of London 1995    

British Manufacture. Glevum Series. Made in England. 

Roberts Brothers Gloucester.

Picture by Malcolm J Watkins

Old Maid Golfing Family Roberts Brothers Gloucester.

Picture by Malcolm J Watkins



Miniature Golf Pocket Course

Miniature Game Co.



Kinder minigolf set 1980s?


Arnold Palmer Table Golf by Ohio Art of Bryan, Ohio. (Mid 60's)


An advertisement run at the time explains:

ARNOLD PALMER TABLE GOLF is a complete toy golf course. The sturdy metal fairway and felt-covered green provide the center of playing interest. Changeable hazards for each hole.  Players use mechanical putters, golf balls and score pad as they play according to the rules of real golf. Thrilling hours of fun.

ARNOLD PALMER TABLE GOLF is a new family-fun game! Available at toy counters everywhere.



Made in England

Green No.1-- The Rebound. Green No. 5 -- The Bottle Neck.

" 2-- The Tunnel. " 6 -- The Loop the Loop.

" 3-- The Out & Home. " 7 -- The Hump.

" 4-- The See Saw " 8 – The Diamond.

Green No.9-- The Curl.

Set out the Greens as suggested on the box. The Ball is driven from the "Tee." through, or over, the hazards, to score.

If the hazard is not passed, the ball returns to the 

When through the hazard further strokes may be made till the ball is holed. All strokes count against the player.

Each Green is played in turn till the players are round the course, the one going round in the least number of strokes being the winner.

NOTE.--"Follow through" for the best stroke.



Midget Golf for the Table

An exact counterpart, in miniature, of the popular outside pastime   Complete with Golf Clubs, Balls, Putting Greens, Bunkers and full Instructions.

This game of skill entrances the Golf enthusiast as well as the learner.

A really scientific Game of Golf can be played indoors with the appliances without any risk of injury to furniture.



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